The internet has completely changed the media landscape. More people around the world are watching online video than any other type of media. The tourism industry especially thrives in this online sphere, allowing organizations to reach a global audience of travelers and people with an interest in the travel lifestyle.

NathanAndRose is a web series in which hosts, Nathan Hutchcraft and Rose Reynolds, travel the world to bring visually-dynamic experiences to an audience with an interest in travel lifestyle and adventure. Being anthropologists and filmmakers, they aim to work with businesses, groups and organizations that are active in their community, with an overall goal of showcasing the local people and culture.

  • NathanAndRose has a cross-platform audience of over 25k viewers, with over 45k views/impressions per month.
  • The NathanAndRose audience has an interest in Travel Lifestyle with an emphasis in People & Culture and Cinematography & Filmmaking.
  • Over half of their audience is located in The United States, with 90% coming from developed nations including The U.S., Great Britain, Australia, Canada and others.
  • The largest age demographic is 25-35, with roughly one half of viewership coming from this range. This large group comprises mostly early-career millennials who highly value travel and experiences.
  • Approximately 40% of the audience has an annual household income between $100k and $250k.

Some of the groups we've featured in the past: