10 Animals in Bow Ties for #NationalBowTieDay!

A bow tie is the quintessential article of clothing for expressing that you may be classy, but not without maintaining a healthy silly side. So today, on #NationalBowTieDay, we here at NARstudios would like to celebrate with a little silliness of our own. Who says only humans can rock that nutty neck knot?

1. This modern mutt has a tie to match his favorite rug.

2. I bet you thought that cats don't like water, huh? Sailor Cat disagrees.

Captain Mini! ⚓️ www.catinberlin.com

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3. Stripes can be very slimming. So can being only 6 weeks old.

Tie one on, it's #nationalbowtieday! 📷 by @thesouthernpup

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4. Man's best (and classiest) friend!

5. How can you seem so sad, when you look soooo good!

6. Uh oh, these lil' fellas are a triple threat.

#NationalBowTieDay #BowTie #Puppies

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7. This is also how I feel when I rock a sweet outfit.

8. Bow ties work on everyone, no matter your size.

9. Who says you should stop at one? The more the merrier! (and fancier)

Treat everyday like #NationalBowTieDay. #usuallyiweartwo #todayimwearingfive

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10. When it comes down to it, a bow tie is the perfect way to show that you are ready for business, but will still have a great time doing it. 

Happy #nationalbowtieday! It's Friday and I'm #weekend ready!

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